Congrats, you're in!

I hope you’re as eager, excited and electrified for the 2020 version of the event as I am! 


We’ll revisit all of the important segments we covered last year, and explore what’s new and different.  There are huge and significant changes in publishing, social media reach, audio books, podcasting, and voice that will dramatically impact your biz in the next couple years.  We’ll go into deep dives on how you need to evolve in your practice, to remain relevant. 

In case you aren’t aware, the event moves to San Diego this year at the Sheraton Mission Valley San Diego Hotel. If there is one event you attend that being in the host hotel is important for your overall experience and results, this is that event.  


Please.  Don’t approach this with poverty consciousness and look for budget deals elsewhere.  Being in the property soaking up the creative energy and stimulation will supercharge your brainstorming abilities.   

For best results, book an extra day or two, after the event, not before.  Then you can outline your next book or workshop, design your new website, craft a keynote, or any number of other creative projects you come up with during the actual event. 

But you need to reserve your space in the special room block we’ve arranged. 


Use this link to book your reservation.

Just a reminder:  The event starts on Thursday, March 19th at 9 am, and goes through Sunday evening.  So be sure to book your travel to arrive on Wednesday and not depart before Monday at the earliest. 

This is my undisputed favorite event I’ve ever conducted.  The extraordinary progress that the first year attendees have created is beyond stunning.  I can’t wait to see you guys top those results this time around!

- RG

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