Jaime Lokier

“TRIBAL was life-changing.  It adds some zeroes to your bank account.  I was already a speaker and author, thought I had it solved, but this event showed me the way to become the #1 expert in my space.  I will be always grateful to Randy and the Tribe!”

Erich Kammerer

“I never thought that I could create a powerful sales letter, but Randy proved me wrong.  It is possible. But more importantly, everyone needs a bigger window of opportunity, and Randy shows you how to do that.”  

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Erick Gamio

“I've been creating sales letters and sales videos for almost eight years now. I bought every course and went to every seminar I could get my hands on, to learn the ‘behind the scenes’ copy tricks, hooks, and overall flow of a high converting sales letters.

“I subscribed to every single list any marketer had out there. I spent hours, days, weeks deconstructing their copy and analyzing it to further my knowledge.


“After three years, I got really good at it and made hundreds of thousands of dollars out of all that learning, and having tons of trial and error.

“Now, today, at TRIBAL, we started the process with Randy to learn how to create good copy for sales letters. He said ‘By the end of this session, you will be experts on creating sales letters and you will make tons of money with that skill.’ 

“I must admit I said to myself, ‘It took me three years to get proficient in this sport. Ok, It was without guidance, without knowing what was right or wrong, but still... I think, maybe, I could have done it faster, like in one year with a proper mentor... But three hours?

Mmmmm, C´mon.’ 


“Well, he fucking did it. Like, really did it.

"The way and order Randy conducted the exercises, warmed up our writing with proper stages, corrected our path on the spot, suggested some clever but crucial things individually and continued with different exercises to get us sharper.... WORKED!

“There are people in this event who had NEVER even came  

close to writing a single sentence of copy for a sales anything. It was amazing. Three hours later, everybody, every single one of us had a killer sales letter. I mean, KILLER!!!

“Damn, I´ve seen a million of those, but the ones I heard today, were top notch, professional stuff. Stuff I would like to analyze, and learn from.


“It took me three years! And this guy managed to get the best of everybody in three fucking hours. Three!!!!!

“If tomorrow´s session, we just sit there and watch movies to relax, it will be fine. This event already blew my mind beyond expectation...


“This is the first event in my life (and I’ve been to a looooot), where I have to run to the bathroom and run back, to avoid missing something! Like, literally, running! Actually I ran so fast back, that I slammed with Brandon... He was running out! #TribalEvent ... Bladder killer!!!

Gonzalo Salinas

“I have attended so many trainings where every single trainer promises you that you will have super powers after you attend their event.  And even when some of them were very good, I have never experienced what I experienced at TRIBAL.  This event is definitely a ‘before & after’ in my life.  I have never received so much value for my money in any training I’ve taken before.  Randy was straightforward, practical and hands on, making me understand in four days what I’ve been trying to understand in ten years.”

Jorge Melendez

“My Get-Done list for TRIBAL was:

Clear & Precise book concept – Done

Cash Flow opportunities – Done

Create sales letter – Done

Define my coaching programs – Done

Learn to write kick-ass copywriting – Done

Got professional, high-end feedback – Done


“Two days “stacked” with priceless information to take your brand and product so that it becomes a medium of impact, influence, and residual income.


“Surrounded myself with successful and like-minded people, led by a monster Jedi called Randy Gage.  It was time, money and effort well spent. Loved every minute. Will be there in 2019 to share the results created this year!”   

Nicolas Cortes Acosta

“The network inside TRIBAL is definitely worth the time.  There are people in different industries, with tons of experience, knowledge, and life stories that you don’t find easily.


“Businesses are the people that can form them, and businesses grow because of the people behind them.  For just that reason, TRIBAL was worth it for me.  However, on top of the network, you learn valuable skills and info that you can directly turn into cash, so I am definitely looking forward to the next event.”

Milton Olave

“Flew into Tribal from San Francisco. As a veteran of the speaking and coaching industry, I’ve never attended a program as profound as Randy’s TRIBAL Event.  With what I learned in just the first two days, I can create a $10-million dollar speaking empire. My copywriting abilities reached expert status in four days. Thanks Randy!”

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Joey Leslie

“I couldn’t be happier with my first TRIBAL experience. I met amazing people who inspired me, encouraged me, and made me laugh out loud at least 10 times each day. Randy challenged me to think bigger & helped me create some amazing marketing copy, to kick start my first book, AND my new coaching program, which - BTW - are two huge concepts born and developed at TRIBAL.

“I am obsessed with Randy & his brilliant, funny, and sarcastic way of sharing his knowledge and I am so thankful (to myself) that I took advantage of this opportunity.”

Anamarija Roxy Rok

Randy-Wan, this event was something so mind-blowing that you have the right to throw me off the 10th floor in Las Vegas next year if I don't come there with at least three new products. I'm pretty sure what you did to my brain in these four past days isn't legal, but if you keep doing it you're literally gonna transform me into the female terminator. So keep doing it...all my respect master...all my respect.  

“If you are tired of basic, unspecific, and bullshit approaches to sales, coaching programs and writing a kickass copy, then you’ll find TRIBAL one of those mind-blowing events that won’t let you sleep at night.  I have never, ever got this many bulletproof ideas how to monetize my work…ever.  

“Randy challenges you to think about things you have never thought of before and what’s even more important…he shows you that there is a way to succeed in any industry at any age if you’re pushing yourself over the edge of what you think it’s possible.  I’ve never thought of myself as a book author, world-class coach and a badass boss girl. But now I know I can do it and that I have all the tools."

Wes Linden

“So pleased I came over from London for this incredible brain food. Not sure WTF happened at the Copywriting Lab, but don't let Randy know that he did a whole 10k course that evening alone!”

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