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Tribal 2020 is SOLD OUT but you still have options...


  • Register for the Remote Learning Program and receive a complete audio recording of the Tribal 2020 event, unedited, exactly as it took place, and the handouts and workbook. Also includes includes the one-year follow up membership in Randy’s Breakthrough U Coaching Program, so you’ll receive the monthly Briefs, live monthly webinars, and the four electronic consultations. You can experience the Remote Learning Program for only $4,000. 

  • Get on the Standby List for Tribal 2020 and we will let you know if a spot opens up.

  • Reserve your spot now for Tribal 2021.

What is TRIBAL ?

TRIBAL is the ultimate, information-dense, high-level training for people who want to build a tribe, expand their influence and make a difference in the world.

Who should attend?

If you are a:

  • Thought Leader

  • Speaker

  • Author

  • YouTuber

  • Non-Profit Director

  • Coach

  • Consultant

  • Political Leader; or,

  • Information Entrepreneur...​​

This is the must-attend event for you.

Pictured: These are actual rockstar participants as seen at the inaugural Tribal event in 2018. Read their reviews of the event on the Testimonials page.

If you see yourself changing the game in your space, making a real difference, and

co-creating the universe – You’ve Got to be at TRIBAL!

Randy is usually speaking to convention centers with thousands in the audience.  So he relishes the opportunity to do smaller groups with serious interaction like this.  And it’s important that the group is suitable size for great networking, collaboration, etc., but not too large for Hot Seats and audience participation.  So we’ve set the investment price at only $10,000 per person. ​


Your investment includes:

– Attending the entire event;

– All handouts and working materials;

– Continental breakfasts;

– Morning and afternoon refreshments;

– Networking luncheons;

– A complete, unedited audio album of the program; and,

– One-year membership into Randy’s Breakthrough U ​ ​


More importantly, you can pay Randy out of the extra income you generate from what you learn at the event! Simply reserve your spot (before they all fill up) with a small deposit. Come to the event and learn how to grow your business exponentially, then Randy will finance your tuition for one year.

It also comes with an Unconditional, Rock-Solid $1 Million Guarantee…

Come to TRIBAL and experience the first day and a half. Participate for all of Thursday, and till the dinner break on Friday. If those initial sessions don’t convince you that staying through the whole program will add at least $1,000,000 to your sales within two years, let the staff know you are leaving. Keep your workbook and other materials. If you aren’t absolutely confident that the training will earn you an extra $1 million dollars – Randy won’t accept your money. ​


It’s a simple equation. Invest $10,000 plus your expenses to get there, to learn how to leverage it into at least a cool million. If you don’t see it happening, get your refund and go home. There’s no catch, hidden rules, or fine print. The decision is yours and yours alone. This event is a once-in-a-career, move-the-dial breakthrough opportunity for you. Frankly, it will be the best investment you’ve ever made in your career.


Simply the networking alone with the players you’ll find at TRIBAL would be worth the investment.  The workbook will keep providing value to you for years.  Approximately one month after the live event, you’ll receive a complete audio album of the event, recorded live and unedited.  This way you can experience the ongoing value for years. And your complimentary membership in Randy’s Breakthrough U Coaching program will help you implement everything you learn at TRIBAL, and provide ongoing guidance on how to best apply it.  This program includes a monthly brief about influence from Randy, and a live, interactive monthly webinar.  So you have the opportunity for Q&A and other feedback.  And you’ll also receive four personal email consultations with Randy.  That’s a complete year of personal coaching after the event, to help you achieve the maximum results.  (This alone is a $7,000 value!)


One of the most rewarding and beneficial elements of an event like this is the networking and brainstorming you get to conduct with the other attendees.  For the crowd we’ll have here, that alone would be worth your entire investment.  You are responsible for your own dinners, lodging and any travel to and from the event.


But above everything else, your best return on investment might come from the workbook you receive at the event! This is packed with actual samples of sales letters, brochures, book proposals, recommended resources, social media promo cards, etc. that Randy has used successfully. This is a priceless treasure trove of authentic case studies, marketing materials and templates you’ll be using for many years to come. ​


So reserve your spot before they are all gone.

Tribal 2020 is sold out but you can still Register for the Remote Learning Program and receive a complete audio recording of the Tribal 2020 event, unedited, exactly as it took place, and the handouts and workbook. Also includes includes the one-year follow up membership in Randy’s Breakthrough U Coaching Program, so you’ll receive the monthly Briefs, live monthly webinars, and the four electronic consultations. You can experience the Remote Learning Program for only $4,000. 

Scholarships Available for the Young and Hungry

To help the next generation of agents of change, Randy is offering two scholarships for TRIBAL. To qualify, you must be 25 years of age, or younger.

To apply, please email Lornette (@) randygage.com, a Word document of 800 words or less – and tell us what good you would do with what you will learn at TRIBAL. If selected, you’ll receive full attendance, breakfast, refreshments and lunches, handouts and workbook. You’ll be responsible for your dinners, hotel and any travel. These scholarships are awarded solely at Randy’s discretion. He will choose the people he believes will make the best impact on the planet with what he teaches them.


Not Sure If TRIBAL Is Right For You ?

Check out the thoughts from some of the players who attended the inaugural TRIBAL event.

Joey Leslie

“I couldn’t be happier with my first TRIBAL experience. I met amazing people who inspired me, encouraged me, and made me laugh out loud at least 10 times each day. Randy challenged me to think bigger & helped me create some amazing marketing copy, to kick start my first book, AND my new coaching program, which - BTW - are two huge concepts born and developed at TRIBAL.

“I am obsessed with Randy & his brilliant, funny, and sarcastic way of sharing his knowledge and I am so thankful (to myself) that I took advantage of this opportunity.”

Anamarija Roxy Rok

Randy-Wan, this event was something so mind-blowing that you have the right to throw me off the 10th floor in Las Vegas next year if I don't come there with at least three new products. I'm pretty sure what you did to my brain in these four past days isn't legal, but if you keep doing it you're literally gonna transform me into the female terminator. So keep doing it...all my respect master...all my respect.  

“If you are tired of basic, unspecific, and bullshit approaches to sales, coaching programs and writing a kickass copy, then you’ll find TRIBAL one of those mind-blowing events that won’t let you sleep at night.  I have never, ever got this many bulletproof ideas how to monetize my work…ever.  

“Randy challenges you to think about things you have never thought of before and what’s even more important…he shows you that there is a way to succeed in any industry at any age if you’re pushing yourself over the edge of what you think it’s possible.  I’ve never thought of myself as a book author, world-class coach and a badass boss girl. But now I know I can do it and that I have all the tools."

Wes Linden

“So pleased I came over from London for this incredible brain food. Not sure WTF happened at the Copywriting Lab, but don't let Randy know that he did a whole 10k course that evening alone!”

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What's the schedule?

The dates are March 19th through the 22nd, 2020. You need to arrive on Wednesday, March 18th. Schedule your departure on Monday, March 23rd. (Or stay over a couple extra days for brainstorming how you’re going to apply all the new strategies you learn at the event.)


DON’T book flights out on Sunday or you will miss many hours of extremely critical content.TRIBAL will be held at a beautiful resort in San Diego. 


March 19

March 20

  • Building a Practice Instead of a Product

  • Defining Your Expertise and IP

  • How to Brand and Position Yourself

  • Hot Seat – Branding

  • Defining & Attracting Your Tribe

  • Business Logistics & Operations

  • How You Become a Thought Leader

  • Copywriting Lab

  • Creating the Right Website Presence

  • Hot Seat Website Design

  • How to Become a Social Media Superstar

  • Hot Seat – Social Media Practice

  • Hot Seat – YouTube Channel

  • Platform Skills for Speakers

  • Hot Seat – Speaking Showcase


March 22


March 21

  • Crafting Speeches and Seminars

  • Marketing Speeches, Public Seminars, & Webinars

  • Developing Physical & Digital Products

  • Hot Seat – New Product Concept

  • Marketing Physical & Digital Products

  • Hot Seat – Product Launch

  • Hot Seat – Product Funnel

  • Working Internationally

  • Road Warrior Travel Strategies

  • Building a Consulting Practice

  • Building a Coaching Community

  • Hot Seat – Coaching Program

  • Book Authorship

  • Creating a Bestseller Book Campaign

  • Your Action Plan

Questions ???

Call Lornette Browne at +1 (305) 573-2994 or email her through the form to right.

For a longer explanation of the event, see:


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